"The best affiliate program in Crypto right now."

Referrals Explained is the first web3 product on Cardano that grants a simple opportunity for a crypto side hustle that actually pays.

The best referral deal in all of crypto.

Join the family and support decentralisation. Share a trusted, community driven Cardano NFT Marketplace with your friends and your audience and earn up to a 0.5% kickback of every sale over 200ADA, automatically, on-chain. No middleman.

Here are the key pieces of information to understand our program:

  • The program will not last forever and will have a steadily declining percentage starting at 0.5% kickback from each NFT sale.

  • We have no caps on how much money you can make. Easily earn thousands of dollars per month by sharing your link.

  • Top affiliates will get access to exclusive events, limited edition swag, and early access to new features & tools.

  • We provide a 30-day affiliate cookie to keep you credited for when your customer first creates an account.

  • Payouts are made automatically. The team has already built the system and it is already running on the Cardano blockchain. The power is in your hands.

This is the best affiliate deal in the industry and it will not last forever.

All you need to get started is a Cardano wallet and a account.

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