Minting NFTs

Integrated Minting Service

flipr is a cutting-edge NFT minting service integrated with Cardano's blockchain, offering users a seamless experience in minting non-fungible tokens on Cardano.

Projects that mint with flipr will have the option to mint NFTs in native tokens like DJED, the algorithmic stablecoin built on Cardano's blockchain, as well as other tokens and of course the options include ADA.

flipr's strong blockchain infrastructure is being improved constantly thanks to Tango Crypto. The service is capable of handling even the most popular collections. Making it a great option for artists, creators, and collectors alike.


With a user-friendly interface it is easy for anyone to take part and join the excitement of supporting an NFT project. A community feature on the Minting page will show all NFTs being minting live on Cardano.

As the NFT market continues to grow and crypto continues to evolve expect flipr to remain innovative to continue to help creative individuals, artists and businesses create digital assets on Cardano.

Check out our upcoming mints on our Discord, Twitter and on the dedicated pages on

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