Native Tokens

Native Tokens is the first Cardano NFT marketplace to allow the trading of your favourite NFTs for more than just ADA.

ADA is a fantastic coin but nobody wants to be limited to just one choice. That isn’t very web3. So we got our tech team together and pioneered something new and don’t think we will stop here.

Available Tokens

The tokens that will be available to trade from launch of this feature are DJED, iUSD, MIN, PAVIA, YUMMI, DING, MCOS, SOCIETY.

We chose these tokens because they share our vision of community first and have pioneered on a new digital frontier.

Upcoming Tokens.

Upon completion of the upgrade and sale of FLIP - the marketplaces flagship token - you can expect to see FLIP alongside these tokens with extended functionality.

Stay posted in our Announcements section and on our official Twitter for information about new tokens that we list and make tradable on the marketplace.

Have fun!

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