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About your Account

This article explains all the features added into your account to make using our marketplace the best you have had on Cardano with all the tools you need at your disposal.


Here you will find a summary of all the activity on your account. If you have just created a new account - you won’t see much. But let’s dive in to the dashboard anyways.

Firstly, there is the Portfolio Tracking which gradually overtime tracks the performance of your account (using your stake address) to return the ADA and USD balance of all your holdings.

You will also see a small section on your Fungible Tokens and Referrals. More detail on our referral program can be found here in the Referrals Explained article.

Last but not least, at the bottom you will see a more graphical representation of your the NFT projects you have collected and along side that the Huddles you chose to be a part of.


This is simply a list of the NFTs held within your account (stake address).

This means we are able to show you all the NFTs you own and inform you if they need to be moved into your active address. This is due to Cardano allowing you to send assets from your wallet address but not your connected account.

A little confusing but all you need to do is hover over the asset you wish to sell and click either List or Move at the bottom and you will find some help.


This is simply a list of all the NFTs you have listed for sale on

You can of course Cancel your listings from this page should you wish to.


On the Activity tab you will find all the interactions and events you have done with our marketplace. This includes NFTs you have listed, updated the price on, cancelled and sold!

There will also be an identifier next to the event for if the interaction with the Cardano blockchain from your account was successful. The three possible states are either Pending, Confirmed or Failed.


Lastly, in the settings page is where you can edit your profile and add some flare too your account.

And that is all! You should understand all the moving parts inside your account.

The team will slowly add more exciting and empowering features in to accounts so you can truly take the power of decentralisation and web3 into your own hands.

What are you waiting for!

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