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So I found flipr... what now?

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The best place for newcomers to Cardano NFTs.

The only link for the flipr NFT Marketplace and Hub is:

What is flipr? is a Web3 application that aspires to serve many purposes within the world of Cardano NFTs. It is built by the NFT Ghostchain team for the entire Cardano and soon crypto community.

We decided to make this article so that you can discover and learn everything there is to do on our application.

Buying and Selling.

You will need to connect your wallet to our website. This will allow you to buy and sell NFTs by exchanging ADA.

What is a wallet?

The wallet as the name suggests is where you keep your funds safe. ADA, Tokens and NFTs can all be kept inside your wallet. All exchanges are fast and happen through our fully tested and audited smart contract.

We accept many types of wallets including the most popular Nami, Eternl, Flint, Gero, and Typhon.

If you don’t have any of these wallets mentioned, follow the link below for you to download:

Note. Always be careful clicking links and ensure you download crypto software through official sites.

Once you have a chrome extension downloaded from the links above you will need to connect your shiny new wallet to our website. This is done by clicking the wallet icon in the top right. If you are a user for the first time, your account will be created for you at the same time.

It may take a few seconds.

I want to buy an NFT! offers many tools and features to help you find the Collection, Creator, Profile, or NFT that takes your fancy. Take a look…

Collections & Collection Categories: In a collection, you can see all the NFTs that are associated with that project. For example, if you are a person passionate about Play 2 Earn games, then you can click here and you can see them all! Or if you are more interested in a single collection such as the Ghostchain NFT project. Then you can click here and you can browse all the NFTs in that collection for sale and peruse the whole collection of unique artworks underneath.

Marketplace: The marketplace provides a constant supply of assets that are being listed on the flipr marketplace. It is a great way for new projects and NFTs to catch your eye. You can also further filter by collection, category, most recently listed, and price.

Trending: This can be found on the home page and also underneath the Stats tab. A ranked list of the biggest trends in CNFT. If you want to buy one of these, you can simply click the collection and see those NFTs that are trending.

I found an NFT I like, how to buy?

When clicking on your chosen NFT and buying something for the first time you may have to add collateral to your wallet.

Adding Collateral

If you see the message above. Open your wallet extension, click Collateral in your settings or account. Set the collateral inside the wallet. It is normally 5 ADA.

Congratulations! 🎉

Your wallet is now completely set up and ready to make sales and purchases!

In addition to the Marketplace, flipr is constantly expanding and will soon be hosting many events. The best way to stay up to date with everything we are creating is on our Twitter and inside our Discord.

We know you will enjoy and welcome to the world of Cardano NFTs!

Much love from the Team! ❤️

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