What are Expeditions?

Expeditions help take your project from concept to creation.

What happens in an Expedition.

Expedition is a dedicated service we offer to help your project grow and give it the launch it needs to get out of your mind and on to the blockchain. We let you run your project and we only provide guidance, share our wealth of experience in NFTs and ensure your project goes from idea and community to exciting successful NFT project.

We have to limit the number of applicants we can onboard.

Are you eligible?

If you are a new NFT project on Cardano or any other blockchain, an artist or creator that wants to get involved with NFTs or have a project idea you wish to realise - we are here for you.

We are here to help creators overcome the initial hurdles to get started creating amazing work and sharing it online with the world.

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Note: We reserve the right at any point to remove your project should you be accepted.


Have you already minted? Head to the support section on flipr and we can verify you as a creator and grant management priveleges to you account.

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