FLIP Explained.


FLIP is the native token of the ecosystem and will be used for rewarding those who support and use our marketplace but also allowing those who hold it to shape the direction of products we build, starting with this marketplace.

Give me more.

We strongly recommend those who are interested read our Whitepaper to discover why many believe this token can be a force for good in the Cardano ecosystem. Why is not the end of a journey - but merely a confident first step in a long journey. We recommend you find out for yourself how many “Cardano firsts” are wrapped up inside this token.

All and more has been compiled into less than 10 pages of light reading. We hope you enjoy it and we encourage you to join the discussion on our Twitter and in our discord server.

The FLIP Whitepaper can be found below, in the footer of the marketplace and investor information can be found here.

A dedicated $FLIP page with whitepaper can be found here.

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