Buying NFTs Safely

Buying NFTs Safely

NFTs are a very fast and exciting place to hang out and many enjoy them. But that does not mean they do not have their challenges.

So listen up because we are here to tell you how to enjoy NFTs safely on


Chances are you will find an NFT project on either Discord or Twitter. Before buying any project always checkout a projects social media. Try find the heart of that community and if you don’t know simply ask them!

Once inside, check out the projects roadmap, hear what they are planning to accomplish and watch the activity. What do you think?

Lastly, you should dig into who is behind this project. Though it is not always the case, if a team is not willing to disclose their intentions or identity this can be a big red flag.

Originality and Verification.

One of the best things about NFTs is the artwork, media and amazing ideas that are shared digitally. Though it can be tough, a community should always try to verify that the content they are buying is genuine and not copyright. makes this easier for you by providing a “verification tick” which can be seen on all assets and collections which have been independently reviewed by us! However, since there are so many great projects out there of all sizes it is hard for us to keep up sometimes. This means not all projects will be verified by the time you want to buy them.

So, check the Policy ID of the collection you are about to buy and check it with your whole community first!

The Policy ID is a unique identifier for each collection and you should always check it if you are unsure.

It is possible for two assets, one from the real collection and the other a fake collection, to look the same but only result in an unhappy buyer.


The NFT community is full of amazing people and creators so we are glad you have found this unique and amazing space of the internet.

It doesn’t take long to get familiar and watching out for pitfalls soon becomes second nature.

We wish you well on your journey!

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