Setup a Wallet

Setup a Wallet is a Web3 application that aspires to serve many purposes within the world of Cardano NFTs. It is built by the NFT Ghostchain team for the entire Cardano and crypto communities.

We decided to make this article so that getting started and getting a wallet is as straight forward as possible.

Finding a Wallet.

There are many wallets to choose from on Cardano. At the time of writing the wallets below are some of the most widely used.

*Always ensure you are downloading a wallet from an official source.

Once this wallet is downloaded into your Google Chrome or Brave browser then you can follow the wallets in-app tutorial on getting setup and creating the account inside the wallet. This is where your crypto and everything else on Cardano will be stored.

Take your time and do it correctly!

Connect your Wallet.

All of the wallets listed above we support and now you have one downloaded it is time to join many others and connect your shiny new wallet to This is done by clicking the wallet icon in the top right. If you are a first time user your account will be created during this time. It may take a few seconds to complete.

*Using Eternl? You will need to activate the dApp connector and send a small amount of ADA to your wallet before being able to connect.

Adding Collateral.

One of the final steps that is often forgotten is adding collateral to your wallet. Think of this as a small amount of ADA that means interacting with Cardano is a smooth expereince.

Depending on your wallet provider the process may be slightly different. But as a general rule you will need to open your wallet extension on browser - not the account in Find the Collateral section **in your wallet settings or account. Then set the collateral inside the wallet. It is normally 5 ADA.

Congratulations! 🎉

Your wallet is now completely set up and ready to make sales and purchases!

In addition to the Marketplace, is constantly expanding and will soon be hosting many events. The best way to stay up to date with everything we are creating is on our Twitter and inside our Discord.

We know you will enjoy and welcome to the world of Cardano NFTs!

flipr awaits... 🐧

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