Your First NFT

You are just 3 steps away from joining the fun!

1: Get a Cardano Wallet

A wallet is like a safe or vault where you can keep your cryptocurrency or your other Crypto assets like NFTs. All you have to do is install a wallet and follow a few on-screen instructions.

That seed phrase is really important, don’t ever share it or lose it! recommends keeping that seed phrase off of your computer, mobile or any device connected to the internet.

We recommend these 3 wallets below. Nami is the most user friendly and least technical, followed by Flint and then Eternl.

2: Get some ADA

To buy NFTs on Cardano you have to have some currency in your wallet. Cardano’s currency is called ADA and is represented by the (A) symbol.

You can buy ADA on all major exchanges and send it to the wallet you just created by using the wallets receiving address.

Step 3: Purchasing the NFT

To buy NFTs, you can head to our homepage and search for a specific collection that you may know. Keep in mind that NFTs are technically investments, so you might want to research the projects a bit more before you dive in.

Perhaps take a look at their Twitter, their Discord and read through what they are building in the project. Speak to the community and see what you think!

If you need more help we have a very helpful community on Twitter, Discord.

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